Knowledge Graphs

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Knowledge Graph

The Network Effect for Data

The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected nodes.

Knowledge Graphs:
An upcoming technology

Gartner Hypecycle, August 2018

Linked Data

A collection of standards for building and exchanging Knowledge Graphs.

Linked Open Knowledge Graph


Public Data on the Map (PDOK)

Dutch Land Measuring Agency (Kadaster)

Interlinking of key registries, company registrations, Monument registry, energy labels, and more.

Dutch Bureau of Statistics (CBS)

FacetCheck: Data browser that configures itself.

Platform Linked Data Netherlands (PLDN)

A card game for building physical Knowledge Graphs: order online

Institute for Social History (IISH)

Humanitarian Aid

Cell tower coverage (mobile phone network)

Humanitarian Aid

Road network

Network Digital Infrastructure (NDE)

Benefits of Using Linked Data Knowledge Graphs

  • Data stays up-to-date (no copying)
  • Low-cost data interchange
  • Low-cost data integration
  • Transparent data ownership (data-at-the-source)
  • Adapt to new requirements (dynamic schema)
  • Reduce the risk of vendor lock-in
  • Monitor & improve data quality
  • Leads to new insights (ask questions across silos)
  • Ideal basis for Machine Learning

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